EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP is a global dairy ingredients producer. Being part of EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, one of the largest dairy companies in the world and leading milk producer, EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP benefits from a complete overview of operations, from the raw milk and processing to packaging. This control, combined with the very high standards and strict policies associated with their milk supply, allows EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP to produce the highest quality products possible.


With over 50 years of experience in milk and whey processing, EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP has unmatched technological expertise and remains at the forefront of the industry. A selection of our historical accomplishments include:

Developing the first native whey protein on the market.
Creating new technology to optimize drying whey, resulting in the very first production of non-hygroscopic powders (now marketed under the brand FloWhey®).
We value excellence and innovation and are therefore committed to continuously updating our industrial facilities to stay atop of technologies that bring the highest quality production.

In recent years, we have:

Built a cutting-edge industrial facility dedicated to the production of milk/isolates intended for nutritional applications;
Expanded our demineralized milk production capabilities at our plant and updated our equipment to reach even higher standards..


EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP offers our customers full transparency of our supply chain and can ensure complete traceability of all the milk we source and process.

We make sure that the wholesomeness of milk is preserved at every step, from field to consumer, by monitoring the entire value chain. We follow strict procedures and comply with rigorous laws and regulations, as is reflected by our numerous third-party certifications.

We also test raw materials and finished products throughout the process to ensure product safety and integrity..


As a leader in product development, EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP continuously invests in research and development.

Our R&D team focuses on three main areas:

Customer-centric product innovation
Process optimisation and innovation
Fundamental and clinical research.


At EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, we have over 25 years of experience in handling logistics in-house. Thanks to our dedicated team’s expertise, you can expect:

Regulatory compliance
Cost efficient processes
Timely delivery

As a certified ‘Authorised Economic Operator’ (AEO) by the World Customs Organisation, we benefit from simplified processes for rapid transfers..