It’s all about wholesomeness with our butter for sale

Silky-smooth and finger-licking good, butter is more than just a dairy product. It’s an essential ingredient for laminated dough, desserts, pastries and everything from baking to cutting in. But this refers to butter in general. When you opt for that from EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, things get even better. As one of the globally renowned butter manufacturers, we bring the next wholesomeness level to the table with our dairy pride and joy.

Churned to 82%, our butter is made from cow’s milk with organic nourishment in mind. It contains less water than similar dairy products to ensure consistency, yet the remaining percentage is still high enough to keep its freshness for a long time. If you’re involved in the food industry, you will appreciate how well our butter preserves its goodness.
Such a high butterfat ratio prevents water from having a dissolving effect on the flavour. With us as your butter supplier, you can always expect the richest taste with no traces of additives and adulterants. Whether you’re about to use it for flaky pastries or sauce making, the unmistakable natural flavour and exceptional nutritional value are guaranteed.

When other butter companies can’t match it

At EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, we take everything we do seriously. By embracing the latest technology in our processes, we:

  • Take care of every cow on our farms. Healthy animals make up our main asset. That is why we utilise proven dairy farming techniques to keep our cows comfortable and ready to produce the highest-quality milk.
  • Enhance churn technology. It takes much more than a tool to make milk into wholesome butter. From systematic staff training to advanced industrial know-how, we strive for excellence in every churning step. As a result, you can get top-grade yet cheap butter.
  • Put a premium on processing. Our butter comes from nature. We do not add any substances to it to change its form or taste. Instead, we process it in a way that ensures its organic beauty with no fractions. That’s what makes us one of the most ethical butter distributors out there.
  • Refine storage and packaging efficiency. When it’s churned and processed, our butter finds its way into specially designed wrapping to be frozen and safely stored. But if you’re looking for a fresh product, EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP can supply it, too.

Shop for butter at wholesale prices

Do you need plenty of butter for the foods you produce? Then we’d be happy to offer you a discounted price. At EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, you can buy butter in bulk (10 to 25 kg), select your desired box packaging option and save your money. Hit us up for requests.
We serve customers from over 100 countries and vouch that our dairy products will arrive in a wink, no matter the quantity. We can assure you of timely delivery because EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP is WCO-certified to reap the benefits of the Authorised Economic Operator status. Let us know your destination details, and we are all set to dispatch your order.

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