Buy milk powder that can be preserved for years

Dairy products constitute a considerable part of our daily nutrition and provide us with the necessary proteins, fats, and minerals. The only problem is these commodities require special storage conditions as they can be spoiled in less than a day. That is why the dairy industry came up with an alternative solution called bulk powder milk. This product has a long shelf life and great nutrition value. It is high in soluble vitamins and minerals and can fully substitute fresh milk.

Being one of the leading milk powder manufacturers, we have the most technologically advanced equipment and qualified specialists that allow us to make one of the best milk powders on the market. Here at EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, we have different variations of this dairy product and offer them at reasonable rates.

Why choose us as your milk powder supplier?

Dozens of dried milk manufacturers pop up on the dairy market these days. However, only a few of them apply a sustainable approach to process milk. Here at EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, we put environmental protection first, striving to use only alternative energy sources and special water treatment plants. We feed our cows with organic meals and keep their health in check. That is why you may rest easy, knowing that our bulk milk powder, as well as other dairy products, do not contain any harmful additives and can be safely used by people of any age.

For your convenience, our catalog runs the gamut of goodies made from processed milk, including:

  • Whole milk powder. This product is obtained from spray-drying and contains about 26-40% fat. It can be more easily stored and transported in larger amounts.
  • Buttermilk powder. With a much lower fat content of 4-9% on average, this product is perfect for cooking.
  • Skimmed milk powder. Such granulate contains about 24% of proteins and 26-28% of vegetable fat.
  • Fat-filled milk powder. This substitute has the same physical, chemical, and organoleptic properties as an unprocessed dairy product.

We sell cheap milk powder wholesale that can be applied in many ways. It is used in the manufacturing of various foods, serving as a substitute for animal milk. The powder is also applied in the production of reconstituted dairy products. Thanks to its thermostability and solubility, it can be added to both hot and cold beverages.

EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP – More than a milk powder producer

We can cooperate with you not only as a dairy manufacturer but also as a distributor. Our company is lauded for the best farms and production facilities. We have everything it takes to offer you high-quality merchandise and unmatched service. Thanks to our optimized distributive logistics, all orders are delivered in time to any place in the world. You won’t find a more responsible and trustworthy milk powder distributor than EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP.

Our products can be stored for a long time without refrigeration because they don’t contain moisture. This fact makes milk powder’s transportation more cost-efficient and environmental-friendly. We apply a sustainable manufacturing approach by implementing the program for conversion to natural gas and preserving water resources.

Our company’s milk powder will be suitable for any of your needs, and we can assure you that you will be satisfied with its quality. We will be happy to provide you with top-notch service and give you full information about our facilities, production methods, and distribution capabilities.

Make sure to contact our support representatives to discuss the details of our cooperation. At EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, we are always glad to help our clients get the most out of our mutual work.

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