Anhydrous milk fat

  • Soft, creamy taste with no off-notes taste
  • Regular texture
  • Low to high melting point temperature 27°C to 44°C:
    • Concentrated butter for incorporation or laminated process
    • Hard texture solution specific for chocolate making
  • Standard or whipped texture
  • Coloured or not coloured
  • With cardboard or no cardboard boxes
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Industrial-quality anhydrous butter for your foods

Rich in protein and phospholipids, this product from EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP is bound to be game-changing for your food production endeavours. Anhydrous milk fat (AMF) maximises dairy goodness in its concentrated form, with no additives in between. It has all the non-fat solids and water stripped off and is then crystallised into a white, slightly yellowish substance with no off-flavour.

Thanks to its high phospholipid content, AMF boasts a greater nutritional value than traditional butter. That is why it makes an excellent ingredient for ice cream, pastries, candy and many more foods. Its hard yet smooth texture is also perfect for chocolate, complementing primary flavours and secondary notes.

Make your lamination processes complete with AMF butter

If you’re into making pastries, AMF is for you. As it’s actually 99.8% milk fat, it’s a breeze to mix it with dough and paste during the lamination process. When folded, it enhances stability between layers and smoothly blends into your mouth-watering flaky pastry.

For the icing on the cake, our AMF for sale has a relatively high melting point. It allows milk fat to keep the state you want it to keep under the most demanding of food production conditions. At the same time, it’s easy to make it into a spreadable substance when you need it.

The number one company among anhydrous milk fat manufacturers

EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP is your trusted choice for AMF. For us, it all starts with ethical cow farming and sustainable dairy processing. Standing behind every step of AMF production, either from cream or butter, we maintain the highest quality, consistency and texture to benefit food and beverage companies.

Team up with us as your anhydrous milk fat supplier to get massive discounts on bulk orders. Your AMF will arrive before you know it!


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