Buttermilk Powders

  • Rich creamy flavour
  • Pale yellow colour
  • Good solubility
  • Emulsifying
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy handling and storage
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Powdered buttermilk – A staple ingredient for the food industry

Do you have trouble maintaining consistency in your muffins or acing an emulsifying mix? Consider stocking up on our buttermilk powder for sale. It can serve as a leavening agent for baking, a flavour enhancer for sauces and even a dairy tenderizer that does not add too much fat to your palatable goods. That is why this product is best for pastry and dressing manufacturers.

Our buttermilk powder is a result of traditional buttermilk processing technology. We spray-dry the liquid after butter churning to remove water particles and turn it into a solid form. It preserves its outstanding solubility properties and protein profile, yet it’s now easier to add to baked goods, seasonings or puddings.

At EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, we wholesale buttermilk powder in 4-8% fat levels. Your perfect fit depends on what foods you produce and what applications you need it for.

Why is it worth getting buttermilk powder in bulk?

If you regularly use buttermilk for your products, its powdered form is a must-have alternative for you. Because of demanding storage conditions, the liquid is more expensive to keep to prevent it from going off. However, when it’s spray-dried and powdered, buttermilk has an increased shelf life, which pays off if you always need large amounts of it at hand.

Plus, when you buy buttermilk powder at EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP, you can snatch it up for a lower-than-average price. We aim to help food and beverage companies of all sizes take their products up a notch in the most cost-efficient manner. To this end, we slash a great portion of the price off of bulk orders.

As a go-to buttermilk powder manufacturer, we are ready to meet all your order needs. Specify the desired fat content, select your packaging option and leave the notes you want us to take into account.


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