Fat Filled Milk Powders

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Fat-filled milk powder for sale – The cost-effective alternative to whole milk powder

While whole milk powder is still a major source of dairy flavours, it is associated with high formulation costs. That is why we can’t leave you with no alternative. Now you can buy vegetable fat-filled milk powder for margin flexibility when infusing dairy wholesomeness into your products.
Technically, this powder is a result of mixing and spray-drying processes. To make it, we add vegetable fat to skimmed milk powder and evaporate water from the blend in a specialised hot-air chamber. Once spray-dried, our fat-filled powder is further processed to improve its solubility, heat stability and wettability.
This product allows you to preserve the dairy constituents of whole milk powder without bearing its processing cost. It packs plenty of protein and 26-28% fat, making it a great addition to:

  • dairy drinks, yoghurts and curd
  • baked goods
  • ice cream
  • confectionary products
  • hot and cold drinks when used as a whitener

Order filled milk powder that makes your products vitamin-rich

Our fat-filled powder boasts an upgraded nutritional profile. We fortify it with vitamins D and A for an extra touch of goodness. They do not normally abound in skimmed milk powder, so we add them to help you meet your consumers’ needs.
Besides being nutrient-fortified, this fat-filled powder is made for instant solubility. It can be easily stored in a dehydrated form, and it dissolves in the twinkling of an eye once mixed with water. Its consistent, creamy flavour then enhances any dairy food or beverage.
As one of the global fat-filled milk powder manufacturers, EXGSP LLC DIARY GROUP can deliver this product in any amount to any country. And we are in a position to benefit from simplified customs procedures to expedite the shipping process. Contact us and forget about looking for other suppliers of fat-filled milk powder.


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